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Klimkovice Spa

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Let us introduce you to Klimkovice Spa, providing its clients with superior rehabilitation since 1994. The goal of our team of doctors, physiotherapists and other health professionals is to help each client with their individual health problems. Using rehabilitiation and prevention, diseases often neglected and underestimated are instead considered by us to be a very important and essential part of health care. Besides modern rehabilitation and diagnostic equipment, our biggest aid is nature itself in the form of a valuable medicinal resource: iodobromine brine from the sea and of the Tertiary period, which contains an extremely high concentration of active minerals and iodine.


For anyone who wants to improve his job performance or who suffers from health problems, particularly with locomotor apparatus, we have prepared a variety of therapeutic and preventive programs. We are convinced that when it comes to health, prevention of illness is better than curing them. Every person who has a physically and mentally demanding job or faces stress should attend prevention programs at least once a year. Our doctors advise each client to take a combination of therapeutic and rehabilitative procedures so that they are better able to combat their health problems, inducing the immune system and regenerating an often exhausted body. We propose specialized care to patients with specific diseases.


The exceptional environment of Klimkovice spa especially contributes to the total harmonization of body and soul. Although the area is only a few kilometers from Ostrava, it is set in a picturesque countryside on the foot of the Oderské Hills. Its main asset is extraordinarily clean air comparable to the atmosphere on the tops of the Beskids mountains.









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Klimkovice spa is the only facility certified by the University of Alabama in Central Europe that offers CI Therapy - unique combination of rehabilitation techniques for patients after stroke.


Intensive speech therapy programmes for children as an effective complement to rehabilitative care.


The spa complex Klimkovice provides its clients with comfort in all its aspects. An integral part of the spa stay is also quality leisure time.

Klimkovice offers many options to enjoy your free time.